Develop, validate and demonstrate an adaptable laser process head

ModuLase aims to develop, validate & demonstrate a rapidly re-configurable laser process head that:
- Is capable of welding, cladding and cutting, through the use of three modular end-effectors
- Includes intelligent sensor technologies for in-process monitoring
- Is linked to an intelligent system, in order to achieve adaptive process control, quality assurance, and semi-automated process parameter configuration.

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Modulase News

ModuLase at its 24th month meeting in Cambridge (UK)

This three-year project is now running for 2 years, and the last developments were fine-tuned during its 24th month meeting that took place in September (Cambridge, UK), hosted by the project coordinator, TWI. The focus of the meeting was on topics such as dissemination, exploitation, training and communication, the assembly and testing of the ModuLase process head, the system and software integration as well as the setup of pilot facilities in industrial environment.
Regarding exploitation, commercialisation and marketing/dissemination, a discussion involving all the consortium partners was carried out in order to agree on the actions that needs to be accomplished to have the final Business Plan, considering the objective of having the ModuLase products ready to be sold right after the end of the project.

Positive feedback from European Commission!

On May 24th the Modulase consortium participated in the first review meeting of the project, hosted at European Commission’s Research Executive Agency in Brussels. The purpose of the meeting was to review the first 18 months of the project and discuss feedback on the research activities carried out during this period.
The Modulase project partners gave presentations on the work and accomplishments of their teams.

Consortium meeting – signs of progress at 18 months

ModuLase Month 18 meeting took place at AIMEN Laser Applications Centre, in Pontevedra, on the 27th and 28th of February.